Rear View Mirror Tags (2 Color Stock Design) (DS-493 • DS-494)

As low as $30.00

●DS-493 Small Rear (7½" x 11") ●DS-494 Large (10½" x 13½")


Eye-catching, Rear View Mirror Tags are perfect for getting your message on the vehicles on your lot or on the front line. Printed in two colors on 140 lb. tag stock, all tags shown are available for immediate shipment.  Dealers Supply offers a wide selection of stock tags, order by style letter below.  From Certified Vehicle to Holiday Sale tags, we have you covered. (Click here for fluorescent tags - DS-402).  Also available blank (White or Yellow stock).

Sizes: 7½" x 11" or 10½" x 13½"

Now available in sets of 50 each.  Mix styles (50 each) to make total quantity and receive quantity discount!
(Just type in the combination of styles desired in the text box provided - Ex:  50 Style B, 50 Style P, and 50 Style X4 for a total of 150 Hanging Tags).

B - Buy Here / Pay Here
P - Certified Pre-Owned Vedhicle
DD - No Hassle
EE - No Dicker Sticker
FF - Red Tag Special
RR - American Flag
X4 - Holiday Speicial
X5 - Holiday Savings
X6 - New Years Savings
GS1 - Gas Miser
GS3 - MPG Gas Saver (changeable digits)
GS4 - Gas Saver MPG (changeable digits)
A-H - Holiday Sale
B-H - Holiday Sale
C-H - Holiday Sale
D-H - Holiday Blowout
E-H - Holiday Blowout
F-H - Holiday Blowout

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