Daily Time and Job Tickets (Peel-N-Stik Style)

As low as $42.50

●DS-586 - 12 Stickers
●DS-587 - 10 Stickers

Easy to use Daily Time and Job Tickets to provide an accurate record of service labor costs for correct billing on every service job. Each top copy has tear-off strips (Peel-N-Stik style) for easy use.  Provides an accurate record of labor costs. In stock for immediate shipment.

Size: 4¼" x 9¾"

DS-586 12 Tear-off Stickers
DS-587 10 Tear-off Stickers (Larger strips for use with electronic time clocks)

3 Part Sets Consists of:
1. Tear off Stickers (Peel-N-Stik) (10 or 12)
2. Paper copy (for office use)
3. Hard copy (heavy tag stock)

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